Houseboats on the Seine River By Eiffel Tower


Hotels are ok. They’re just o.k.

You get consistent service, predictable quality, and no surprises. In other words, hotels are boring.

So if you want to spice up your stay in Paris, France and even save some money, we’ve got a treat for you. It’s a houseboat on the Seine River along side the Eiffel Tower.


The rates run from $150 to $350 per night and you can get one booked as easy as surfing to …

Sure, there’s no room service or maid service but what you lose in amenities you get back in spades as the Seine River gently rocks you to sleep every night. Not to mention, your Facebook and Kakao Story friends will be jealous as hell. Hell, some of your married friends might just get in couples’ fights out of pure jealousy.

If that’s not sweet enough, you can just walk 7 minutes to a cafe along side the Seine and drink your Cappuccino while nibbling on a fresh buttered croissant. Seriously, how can you beat that?


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