Paris On a Rainy Day: Hidden Covered Alley Ways


Paris is deliciously romantic in the spring and fall. But who doesn’t know that?

What do you do on a rainy winter’s day?

Well, Paris has that covered for you. Literally. You know how there are countless little hidden alleys and Rues all over Paris? Well, some of them are covered and offer warm shelter from the elements.

If you plot out a course in Google maps of all the covered passage ways and weave from one to the next with your lover, you’ll come across looking like Prince Charming. Along the way, print some custom lover’s post cards at printing paris.

Here’s the main site that will help you do just that:

It’s a website that has already inventoried the most romantic covered walkways in Paris. It’s only in french so keep handy.

With just a few tools, you’ll be able to get the best out of Paris 24/7 365. Bon Chance!

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