Paris Interview by Marija Jovanovic

Marija Jovanovic: |

What city will you be talking about?


What’s the cheapest way to enjoy this city at night?

It depends on what you like.
For me, the best thing is watching lighted Eiffel Tower. It’s free and so romantic.

What’s your favorite restaurant here? What’s so special about it?

Le 114 Faubourg.
Very nice atmosphere, great food and professional staff.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a warm Sunday morning in this city?

Walking beside the River Seine and river cruises.

What were some of the hidden gems in that city? Why?

During the movie “The Da Vinci Code” I noticed that on the streets of Paris are located plaques on which is written ARAGO. After the movie, I looked on the internet meaning of that name ARAGO and found the next.
Francois Arago (1786-1853) was French astronomer, revealing scientist, humanist, politician and Head of State.
The Arago plaques are in fact an art work in honour of the Francois Arago. There are 135 bronze Arago plaques and each of them have their own meaning. This Arago route, over a distance of 12 kilometres, consists of 135 plaques which lay in the asphalt, The art work has been made by the Dutch artist Jan Dibbets.
You can read more about that on

Anything else you want to add?

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