Travel Europe and Barcelona by Cristina Talens

Barcelona by Cristina Talens | @SClimateCoffee

Hi. What do you do?

I work in coffee, sustainability and climate change with farmers

What city are you reviewing?


What are some of the most amazing things about your city?

You have the beautiful mix of sun, sea and the hussle feel of the city. It’s old, grungy and classic at the same time. incredible mix of people and buildings!

Where would you go on a lonely Wednesday evening?

The la bitacora restaurant, great food and warm busy atmosphere

Where are the best places to go when the weather is horrible?!

Santa caterina market or la boqueria for some shopping. Alternatively head to the aquarium at the port

What’s the most romantic restaurant in this city and WHY?

The restaurant at the museu de cataluña at the port vell. Beautiful plunging sunsets, jazz music and a fantastic view of Barcelona and it’s port from the high terrace

What are your best money saving tips?

Try to get a room on airbnb and cook from home. Otherwise eat at la bitacora, or the local pulperias (old looking but fantastically delicious) tapas bars around the old city. Look for the homespun feel, the tapas are to fue for. If you can get to the markets get fresh foods and baguettes. If you’re travelling with kids go to the museu de las ciencias in tibidabo, under 16s are free

What are your personal or career goals?

To create the most sustainable and best quality coffee brand in the UK

What or WHO would help you hit your goals?

High quality retailers who focus on organic and quality foods and have provenance stories. I especially like wholefoods or Waitrose. But also all independent local food delis! I love the feel of going into a place and smelling all the fresh coffee being ground !

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