Travel Europe and Bristol by Cory

Cory: | @runeteas

Hi. What do you do?

We are Rune Tea, an honest family run business which believes in sustainability and fairtrade. We want to share our passion with tea lovers all over the world

What city are you reviewing?


What are some of the most amazing things about your city?

Bristol is vivid, colourful and festival crazy. Has something for everybody from quiet nights out to wild party venues.
It has amazing graffiti artists, awesome music and independent shops everywhere. Bristol believes in equality and fairness, it’s open to people no matter their background and it is the capital of cycling in England.
Bristol loves coffee and tea, has awesome bars and excellent fashion. What’s not to love?

Where would you go on a lonely Wednesday evening?

I would read a book with a cup of RuneTea in my hands.

Where are the best places to go when the weather is horrible?!

Independent tea houses!

What’s the most romantic restaurant in this city and WHY?

There are so many options, I couldn’t pick just one. I would probably take my partner to the glass house and have a glass of fancy champagne. It is just by the harbour so you are guaranteed a nice view.

What are your best money saving tips?

What are your personal or career goals?

I want to make RuneTea a success. I believe people should drink only good quality tea at fair prices. We are in the game to make a large profit, but to share our love for tea.

What or WHO would help you hit your goals?

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