Travel Europe and Lisbon by Nuno Silva

Nuno Silva: | @NNunoev

Hi. What do you do?

Fado singer/dancer & London Stages Performer

What city are you reviewing?


What are some of the most amazing things about your city?

I have to say Lisbon is one of the most versatile cities on the planet. It mixes History with the New in a fresh, surprising and inviting way: we have strong traditions like Fado music, the best nightlife bars and clubs, new and old architecture, delicious local cuisine, views to die for, new chill out places, friendly, warm people, amazing beaches south and north of the wondrous river Tagus… the list in endless.

Where would you go on a lonely Wednesday evening?

I would go to the Adamastor Viewing Point for the views and the Noobai Cafe.
Or go to Bairro Alto district. There I would go to Tasca do Chico. A small Fado tavern where you can drink and listen to locals sing Fado (from the average Joe to the most renown Fado singers). Great atmosphere!

Where are the best places to go when the weather is horrible?!

Museu Do Oriente;
Jerónimos Monastery;
Museum of Ancient Art;
Fado Museum;
Mãe D’Água;
Lisbon’s Underground Roman Galleries.

What’s the most romantic restaurant in this city and WHY?

Albergaria Senhora do Monte.
You just can’t beat the incredible views over Lisbon. And it’s small, cozy yet friendly. Plus it’s an Inn. Need I say more?

What are your best money saving tips?

When in a restaurant ask for the half dose. The portions are normally enough for one person (not if you’re like me though!)

What are your personal or career goals?

Continuing to mix the tradition of Fado with Dance and create a new, poetic and appealing new art form that will excite both locals and visitors.
Also to create a school (linked to an Elderly Care Centre) that will train artists to help me fulfil this vision. From Musicians to Dancers and Singers.

What or WHO would help you hit your goals?

New, traditional Portuguese guitarists willing to experiment;
Art loving people with money or contacts, i.e. Philanthropists.

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