Travel Europe and London by Tracey Abbott

Tracey Abbott: | Divingtracey

Hi. What do you do?

I m a specialist Advisor on how disability can effect compnies recruitment practises

What city are you reviewing?


What are some of the most amazing things about your city?

The architecture, art and open spaces. There is so much to do that’s absolutely free in London that you can spend weeks exploring a London that few local know about

Where would you go on a lonely Wednesday evening?

maybe down to Southbank where there are lots of street artists and groups of revellers you can join in with. Or maybe of to the BFF and watch a foreign film

Where are the best places to go when the weather is horrible?!

One of the big galleries or Museums, you can wander for hours in the warm with a clean loo just minutes away!

What’s the most romantic restaurant in this city and WHY?

Smiths in Spitalfield. Its where I had my first American pancake with the most beautiful man

What are your best money saving tips?

buy sandwiches and sushi at the end of the day half price for next days lunch

What are your personal or career goals?

simple, to have all business websites accessible to all

What or WHO would help you hit your goals?

All the people who have had exposure to people with disabilities and get that we are all alike in lots of ways

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