GraPhoenix Reveals Barcelona Spain for Printing Co in Europe

GraPhoenix Shares Insider Secrets of Barcelona for Expo Printing Co.

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In Spain it’s usual that you go from one bar to the next to drink something with your friends or to meet new people, so you can’t say that there is specific place to go.

But when you go out at night you have to order a “Sangria” or a “Mojito.”

During the day, this is where you can get printing in Barcelona Spain.

What’s your favorite restaurant here? What’s so special about it?

I didn’t go to a restaurant but I went often to the market (Mercat de la Boqueria or Mercat de Sant Josep), which is next to the street “La rambla” When you go to Barcelona you have to see this street, because it’s amazing, so you can also go to this market, where they have a lot of exotic fruits, fish, sweets and much more.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a warm Sunday morning in this city?

Ouh you have to go to the beach or to the aquarium, which is in
“Moll d’Espanya del Port Vell”

What were some of the hidden gems in that city? Why?

In the evening before you go out at night you have to go to:
“Fonts de Montjuïc
Pl Carles Buïgas,1”
Where they make an awesome water and light show. I recommend going on the top of the hill, so you also have a nice sight over the whole city

Anything else you want to add?

I think Barcelona is one of the cities that you at least once in your life must have seen.
In the follwing time I’ll add more cities on my YouTube Channel:


Thanks for the Interview and good travelling.

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