Irene Reveals Trieste, Italy for Printing Co in Europe

Irene Shares Insider Secrets of Trieste, Italy for Expo Printing Co.

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Trieste is my city, it’s at the sea and well the cheapest way to enjoy this city at night is hanging around the downtown or an the seaside, we have a beautiful square at the sea and at night all the surrounded buildings are lighten up and it’s a joy for the eyes.

What’s your favorite restaurant here? What’s so special about it?

I don’t have a favorite restaurant, I love to try new ones and not only the traditional ones.
I use to go at Montecarlo restaurant, it’s a fish restaurant and it’s really cheap since drinks (water, wine ect.), coffee and dessert are included in the price.
But there’s a historical place I would mention, it’s called Pepi’s and here you can find all our traditional cousine and dishes like sauerkraut, typical sausages, hot ham steak and other specialities. I know it’s also known worldwide.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a warm Sunday morning in this city?

Usually I hang out on the seaside, it’s definitely the best way to spend a warm Sunday morning, also in the afternoon 🙂

What were some of the hidden gems in that city? Why?

There’s a lot since Trieste has always been full of different communities since the ancient years. I can mention we have a lot of churches: from the Christian’s ones to the Greek Orthodox one, from the Serbian Orthodox one to the Evangelican one, from the Anglican one to the synagogue.

Anything else you want to add?

It’s such a beautiful city, it’s not huge but it’s a full of history and art, there are a lot of museums, buildings, few castles.
It’s two hours far from Venice and Austrian border and it’s near the Slovenian one.

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