Internet Cafe in Rome Italy with Air Conditioning Near Pantheon by Printing Co.


If you came to Italy from a Verizon FiOS zone or worse yet, Korea’s Giga 5g Kt or Uplus network, I’m sorry. Italy has the slowest internet service in all of Europe.

You’re used to blazing instantaneous fulfillment and uploading large spreadsheets or youtube videos in milliseconds. I know. That ain’t happening here in Rome or Milan or ALMOST anywhere in Italy.

What is happening is amazing food wine beer and history. Let me add fashion. Via del corso is the world’s capitol for designer couture next to champs elise in Paris.

So can you get both?

You want your Nutella with your Schriracha? I actually found a place. It has both fast WiFi and amazing food drink and culture near Pantheon. Just cross the river and you’re here.

You’ll thank me.

Next, if you want to get any kind of business printing done for an exposition, conference, or trade show in Italy, here’s an English speaking and reliable Italy based printing company.

Or if you’re in milan for a major event like a conference or trade show and you’re doing some motion picture production, you’ll want to try out Milan and Paris Mobile Power Generator Rentals.








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