The Mall, Florence Italy Prada Gucci Fendi

Via Europa, 8, 50066 Leccio, Reggello Metropolitan City of Florence

The Mall, Address

It’s true. If you drive about 50minutes away from Santa Maria Novella Station in the center of Florence, you’ll put about 70% of the cost of premium bags, clothes, shoes and more.

First of all, lets talk about getting there. Go to SMN. Across the street, you can take the Sita bus and it’ll take you along gorgeous Tuscan highways. I don’t know why but they only sold is one way tickets. I asked for round trip and they said it would be impossible.

Taking a cab will cost you about 100€ .

Take the bus.

It’s loaded with Chinese and Koreans that are richer than you are. So don’t worry about losing face.

Next, when you arrive, stand in line at prada. Somebody please, stand in line at prada. They do outlet discounts on top of outlet discounts so cut 30% and cut another 40% and you got an insane deal. You’ve just paid for your airfare. But that’s not why you need to stand in line. The line moves 5 people in 1 hour.

There are always at least 10 people in line. This is at any given time.

Same goes for the tax refund line. You need to plant a sleeper cell.

Last thing, on the way back, Italians will cut the the front of the line. Maybe not all. But we almost missed our bus because a young Italian couple jumped in front of the line as if they owned the cobblestone just in front of the bus steps. Guard your position in line.

All in all, we found great deals and amazing products. But if you can make a few thousand dollars a day sitting at your computer, stay there. The money you saved cost you an entire exhausting grueling day shoulder blocking Chinese 70% Koreans 10% Americans 3% and Russians 1%.

Yes. I counted.






Was not kidding about the demographic breakdown


Was I?


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