The Blue Door in Southern Italy by Pam Bickell

The Blue Door in Southern Italy
By Pam Bickell

Cappuccino in Torino Blue Door Southern Italy Blue Door So. Italy 9 x 12 W Red  Ariana Caruso in Aosta, Italian Alps Amsterdam Interloper 10 x 8 POS Red

When my daughter’s closest and dearest friend, Ariana, returned from a year of university in Torino, Italy, I was elated to sit and look at the thousands of beautiful pictures of landscapes and architecture she had captured all over Europe. She learned that year that she has an eye for photography and she let me choose some of her wonderful images to use as inspiration for my paper collages. One of them was, “The Blue Door in Southern Italy.” Others included tulip fields from Holland, a cow in Interlaken, a seagull, the wooden cats in the door in Amsterdam with the ‘interloper,’ and coffee cups with whipped patterns on top of the cappuccinos.

I always use materials I have on hand and collages are interpretations anyway, so they’re never exact copies of photos. For collage artists reading this for creative tips, I made the walls and bricks of the blue-door collage from paper from a pad of designer papers called BRAMBLE ROSE Designer Cardstock Paper, which I bought at Hobby Lobby. The paper for the blue door came from a pad of papers called K&Company BEST OF K&COMPANY. It’s 360 sheets of a wonderful variety of mostly antique-looking florals–and a great buy at Amazon (usually less than $25). The ‘plant’ materials came from several different paper pads.

The collage process is interesting, especially for untrained artists like myself. I often don’t like them as they’re forming, but I keep working as inspiration pushes me and sometimes I really love them–like the blue door. So don’t give up halfway; keep going until you know your piece is finished. You may have a very nice surprise of a treasured memory looking back at you.

I’ve placed some of Ariana’s photos with this article, along with two collages I made from two of her pictures.
Photo credit: Ariana Caruso

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