Indigo POD Digital Printing Price List Costs

OK. I know you hate waiting for quotes from print shops. Printing companies in Paris, Milan, Madrid, New York, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Stockholm and more will all make you wait for a cost estimate.

It’s a long cycle.

But for fast printing, you don’t have time to wait for an estimate. You don’t have to any more. I found a new website that has the prices posted clearly online. It’s here: POD Digital Printing Prices and Costs.

They give you prices for 120gsm or 80lb text stock up to 300gsm or 110lb cover stock. All the prices are 4/4 or 2 sided 4 color. As far as quantity, the max they go up to is 1000 and 2000. But in reality, digital printing isn’t cost effective for quantities over 500. You’re better off going with offset printing.

The only reason you wouldn’t go with offset printing at a 500+ quantity is if you’re in a super rush. Digital printing only takes a few minutes. Offset printing requires at least a few hours to set up the plates and clean the press.

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